The Most Common Signs of Cheating

Matrimonial investigations and infidelity investigations are performed in order to determine if a person’s spouse, partner, or significant other is unfaithful or committing adultery.  If you are unsure your spouse is cheating, we recommend reviewing signs of cheating prior to calling an investigator. There are numerous methods to establish, verify, and prove infidelity in a relationship.

A Sudden Need for Privacy

Cheaters usually fear their significant other will find out what they’re up to.  They will become more secretive and will keep to themselves.

Partner Staying Late at Work

Sometimes cheaters may use overtime work as a cover for times when they are actively cheating on their partners.  He or she may not be at work, but somewhere else entirely.  GPS can be used to determine their actual whereabouts.

Do I Need an Infidelity Investigator?

We hear different infidelity stories everyday.  Our marital infidelity private investigators will aim to provide the necessary evidence to prove your case with irrefutable, undeniable proof, but sometimes infidelity investigations aren’t cut and dry.  When suspecting someone of cheating, you should be absolutely sure before starting an investigation. Identifying any suspects in these cases is vital; we provide accurate details such as names, addresses, phone numbers, place of employment, and a full background check on the individual.  Occasionally, after our clients prove their significant other was cheating, they’re not sure what their next steps should be.  We always advise weighing your options when dealing with a cheating spouse.

Infidelity Statistics: Why men and why women cheat

Marriage Statistics say: That upwards of eighty  percent of married men are susceptible to cheating and NINETY- one percent will lie about it to their partners.  Even men who aren’t married (“committed” boyfriends) become tempted to cheat on their girlfriends they’ve been in relationships for years.  However, despite the gender of the individual, victims should be aware that cheating wives, cheating boyfriends, and cheating girlfriends exist and may very well be serial cheaters.  By presenting hard evidence with the help of our investigators, most partners will finally admit to their cheating ways and cop to marital infidelity.

How many people actually admit to their partners that they’ve cheated?

In our 50 years of experience investigating infidelity cases, we find that only about a third of those who cheat on their partners actually admit to it. And, on average, we find that affairs can last upwards of 2 years and sometimes even longer.

Where do cheaters meet the “other person”?

By far, we find that the “other person” is most often someone from work or a friend from the past or met on a business trip, and away at school.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I hire your agency to conduct my infidelity investigation?

North American Investigations, Inc. is a full-service agency however we have a whole division that is dedicated to matrimonial and domestic cases such as infidelity, cheating wife, or cheating husband cases. This division’s primary function is to investigate these types of cases and handles a vast amount per year. Our experience in these cases is unsurpassed and second to none. Non-confidential references can be furnished upon request.

When Do You Need an Infidelity Private Investigator 

Whether you have suspicions or it’s actually happening, infidelity is quite possibly the most painful and damaging situation for any marriage. The words cheating, adultery, unfaithful, and affair are all words no one wants to say in regards to their own relationship.

Being stuck in a state of limbo when it comes to your marriage can cause debilitating stress and wreak havoc on your entire family. No one wants to be left in the dark or be made to look like a fool. A New York private investigator can supply you with the answers you need to know it’s time to leave or restore hope and peace for your matrimonial union. 

Some people seek out a private investigator the moment they first become suspicious of their spouse being unfaithful Others know for certain there is infidelity but need to obtain proof or solid evidence. If fear and worry about your spouse cheating are consuming your life, contacting a private investigator can help. 

What Does Hiring an Infidelity Private Investigator Involve?

Every infidelity case is unique. If you believe your spouse is cheating, you will need specific questions answered. Some suspicions take longer to confirm than others. While every case varies in its objectives, listed below are the basic techniques used when conducting an investigation:

  1. Gathering Evidence 

Evidence is key when conducting an investigation, even though the proof might be difficult to accept. You will have strong evidence if you can show affection between your spouse and another person. Oftentimes the proof of a cheating spouse is the best and most convincing evidence required to receive a positive divorce settlement. It may also help speed up a divorce and provide much-needed closure. If no solid evidence can be found to back your infidelity suspicions, you can move forward in your relationship in a healthy and healing way. 

  1. Surveillance 

Relying on hearsay from friends and family may only make your infidelity suspicions worse. Our private investigators have discreet methods to gather information as they monitor your situation. It’s imperative to know the facts. 

  1. Professional Investigative Methods 

An infidelity private investigator will have access to equipment and techniques the average person doesn’t. These unique methods are important in finding out whether or not your spouse has been or is cheating on you. 

A private investigator may look at social media usage to find out who your spouse is interacting with and where they hang out. They can also determine if there has been an uptake in activity between certain accounts. 

Special software may also be utilized to help know where photos were taken which can be useful in catching someone making it appear they’re in one place when they’re actually in another.

Private Investigator for Cheating 

We completely understand how difficult this time of questioning your spouse or partner can be for you. We’ll dedicate our time and energy to your case while treating it with the sensitivity it requires.

A high percentage of the cases we handle in New York are dealing with child support, child custody issues, and hidden assets. We specialize in providing proof in the form of video and still photo shots. We also keep you informed on our covert surveillance and other investigative actions by providing you with up-to-date and thorough reports. 

The statistics behind cheating partners are unfortunately quite high. If you suspect your partner of cheating then there is a good chance you are right. Wives who suspect their husbands of cheating are correct 85% of the time. Husbands who suspect wives of cheating are correct 50% of the time. With that said, your relationship is more than a statistic. Don’t jump to any conclusions. An expert PI can find out the truth. 

What Happens in an Infidelity Private Investigation

An investigation into cheating spouses may take only a few hours or can be as lengthy as several months. Regardless, when working with a private investigator, your case should be treated with the utmost respect and discretion. The investigator should listen to your suspicions, and ask you what you hope to achieve. You will remain in control behind the scenes at all times. Your spouse or partner will be investigated on your terms until you are satisfied with the evidence gathered. Only you will determine what to do with the acquired information. 

We are the number one private investigators throughout the entire USA . Our experts will explore every possible avenue and use every available resource to determine whether or not you are indeed being cheated on. We know the ins and outs of the U.S.A which helps us with discrete surveillance methods and our ability to remain undetected.

Our investigators cover all U.S. areas. as well as parts of International Countries. Contact our office if you would like a free confidential cheating spouse consultation today. It’s time to find the peace of mind you deserve.

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